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7.35 5 February.

Are you ready to kick ass? Yeah. It's early morning and now we're in a huge building We're playing against Heroic.

-Do you like it? -Here? Don't know, I'm a gambling man and I'm feeling good here..

But first of all counter strike and we'll see the rest later. Bro, what are you taking over? I'm taking the command and you'll kill everyone. It's my favourite role. For you to handle us... Have you watched Avatar? He saddled up that bird that nobody could..

And who will be that bird in our team? Can you handle S1mple like that bird so that he could listen to your every word?.

Bro, I need 20 pounds..

Look how carefully Flamie is connecting devices. He even got up to fix the wire. -Does he wipe them? -Yes, he's wipping their bottom..

We like everything for now. Now there is a standard procedure of map bans..

But... to be honest we didn't really prepare some special maps for this team.

But we'll try to play some simple maps because we don't want to show our tactics before the Major So-o-o... we'll see.

They're surprised already It's a secret but we trained Cache a bit It could be seen in the practice group.

It's where you can see what map the team is practising Maybe they didn't expect us to ban Cache But it would have been silly to train Cache and show it in the game with Heroic.

Now they're deciding on what to ban: Overpass or Train.

They may have some ideas about what we want to pick Let's say, we had a lot of maps to choose against them but....

Honestly, we want to play Overpass. They play not bad on it.

But it's the map where we can play well without showing our new tactics.

Something like that.

I didn't expect them to pick Nuke They haven't picked it for a long time But this time is different.

Good choice. I thought maps would be a bit different but it's still not bad for us We played rather a lot on Nuke Heroic is a strong opponent on Nuke so we want to test ourselves..

So, Overpass, our best map, Nuke and the last is Inferno but I hope it won't get to it See you later.

Flamie, look There are also trousers inside.

Plant the bomb.

Who needs a flash? Nice.

There was one in Monster Let's throw HE there? Yes, I'm throwing a flash Throw a smoke there.

Flash the Plant.

Electronic, break the door.

You should collect information.

You control Monster. And Vanya....

Thanks God, we won the first map this year..

What to say? We played Overpass, won it, everything is good but at first I played bad, the most important is that guys showed their skill.

But it was our map and now we're playing Nuke against the same team, Heroic.

It's their pick Actually we're playing very calmly.

And good, though at the beginning it was difficult We managed to win some key rounds. It's our first victory this year.

At the official tournament I think that we need to get our shit together and beat them on Nuke not to make it long. Though the more maps you play, the better you play.

That's our task Guys, thumbs up, press the notification button and support us and the channel.

And we'll make more cool videos. You'll like it.

One in Patio I'm throwing a flash I'm controlling Long Hall There must be one in Graveyard.

They're rushing Awp was controlling it And what? -But how can I pass? -Go from Close Site or Pit, he doesn't know..

We lost yesterday, I have a headache, I'm in a bad mood We must win today to improve the mood.

North won Heroic lost.

It's a new type of streaming. Selfie laptop, right? Yes, I'm just future-oriented. I know everybody will walk with laptops..

But to be honest, I'm just testing our new partner's streaming platform.

I'm trying to help them set it all up And I use laptop 'cause I turned old and don't see what's written on the phone.

Messages, for example. That's it So I use a bigger display Hello, yes. I can hear you.

Controlling Banana I have a flash. Does anybody need it? Threw it near the Plant.

3 secs, no time.

On the left Goose I threw HE Goose and Barrels.

You're the best.

Jame saved 1000 A second one saved 1400 so it wasn't a buy It's buy. It's a poor buy but still We thought it was eco -It's when they passed Long A? -Yes Nobody killed below the Window Electronic did -Uh, yes? -Yes Electronic killed that guy that was lurking Wait, so two were at the Plant, one below the Window and one close to T? -Yes -Oh shit.

Congratulations You showed good game. Can you comment on it?.

We was feeling the map, controlled Middle at T side and we just played good at T side first of all Though we were losing 3-0, we won 9-6 and we were also ahead with 8-4 We won many rounds at CT side but the most important is that we won pistol rounds.

And then won the match It all depends. I an't say that this map is strong and that is weak.

It happens often in cs that someone is luckier.

On pistol and important eco rounds If you win these rounds, the game is in your hands.

And you can beat the opponent confidently That's exactly what happened to us yesterday We lost some important eco rounds, couldn't take ourselves in hand and lost.

Though next time we can show a different game I can't say we've always been outsiders on Dust.

We won against Astralis, it's also their strong map..

We won against top teams on Dust so everything can be good for us.

Day 3 Hello, hello? Do you hear me? We're playing at 9 am, I'm not used to getting up so early.

So I'm out of energy and I'm trying to gain power I'll get up now What did you buy? I bought two cofee, some fruit salads.

And two sandwiches: for me 5 cheese and for electronic ham and cheese -Thanks for ham and cheese, bro -You're welcome How do you like it to play so early? Are you ready?.

We have half an hour left so I think it'll be better But it's difficult. Nobody plays like this. Never. And nowhere.

Minus 4. And he became happier Once we should make it full random You always play randomly It was evident that you're determined.

Egor has it. You'll go with him. You'll be a second one.

Vanya, you'll smoke Pit and than throw a flash You don't have anything?.

Be careful, Palace.

Flash Mid.

I don't have a flash Drop me aug, zeus.

Awp is going, Jungle, he took the bomb.

NaVi are in the final.

-Please sign your autograph for my friend -Yes, of course.

-Misha, have you chosen the maps? -Yes, why?.

Look, did they leave Mirage? I just thought, they picked Mirage against Heroic.

No, it was Heroic's choice It's written on hltv that Heroic picked Nuke.

Well, okay. Anyway I pick Dust Okay then.

Navi in London. турнир. расклады.. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях


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